Be More Than An Advisor

Deploy your talent, relationships and passion to empower the next generation with the technical and life skills they need to thrive. 

More Than An Advisor

We’re looking for simply brilliant people from a diverse set of backgrounds to share their talent, expertise and time to take the UK’s most exciting tech-education charity to the next level. You will be pivotal in enacting our strategy to make STEM less intimidating and more inclusive by;

  • Unlocking doors to increase our reach and impact
  • Making serendipitous connections to fuel partnerships and income
  • Raising our profile, share of voice and influence

You will signpost anything which makes us go faster or better.

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“The most rewarding moment has been seeing the passion, enthusiasm and energy from the students. They’ve engaged in the task, adapted to overcome and really put their heart and soul into the competition. It’s been breathtaking.”

Rob Leeman, Education Solutions Manager, Arm

What does a FIRST UK Advisor actually do?


Your critical thinking, insight and experience will propel the charity towards an inflection point – moving us from STEM enrichment for the masses to targeted provision for the underserved.


You’ll constantly identify opportunities for us to make the connections which help us achieve more, better and sooner. You will advocate, inspire and influence others to support our mission.


Your interpretation of data and insights will inform key decision making and ensure the charity adopts an evidence based pathway to tangible outcomes.

Making advising efficient

The process to becoming More Than An Advisor is, like us, straightforward:

• Jump on a get-to-know call with CEO (rolling)

• Join on-boarding session in Cambridge (25 Jan 2024)

• Participate in 4 x impact sessions annually (3 hours per quarter)

• Transform young lives (forever)

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We’re building a STEM talent pipeline that will change the world

Watch how

  • We build More Than Robots

    We use robots, role models and competitions to make STEM more approachable and inclusive, empowering young people to make informed choices about their future.