FIRST Tech Challenge UK - Message in a bottle - mentor - header image
FIRST Tech Challenge UK - Message in a bottle - mentor - header image

Message in a bottle

Hey Game Changer – we just wanted to say thank you! Thank you for being the engine of FIRST Tech Challenge UK by dedicating your time and expertise to help make our events truly magical.

Now, without sounding too cheeky, we do just have one more favour to ask.

We ask that you bottle up the epicness of the event you just experienced. All the excitement and anticipation from our young innovators, their top-notch bots and that feeling of pride and belonging as teams watched their finished projects bossing it on the game field. Bottle it up, save it and unleash it when you come back next season for more electric events.

Think of each team as this empty bottle in your hand. It stands strong on its own but without liquid, it can’t reach its full potential. Be the personal, portable supply of liquid in the lives of our young people and take your volunteering to the next level in 2023-24 by mentoring your very own bottle team from day one! Pour in your industry knowledge, skills and talents so that every young person can reach new heights of excellence next season.

Keep the magic alive

Invest in next season’s innovators by mentoring your very own team!

Mentor a team now

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