Outwood Academy Newbold

Outwood Academy Newbold isn't your average academy; it's a hub of innovation right in the heart of Chesterfield.

Location: Chesterfield / Contact: Liam Priestley, Teacher of Computer Science / Web: Visit / Social: @GroundX_


Outwood Academy Newbold isn’t your average academy; it’s a hub of innovation right in the heart of Chesterfield. Known for their creative approach to tactics and problem-solving, they’re the go-to for technical know-how. With a strong focus on helping new teams with prep and planning, they offer a range of skills from 3D printing to programming.


Our ambition is to help spread the joys of STEM, but to also help build relations with schools and industry around the Yorkshire/Derbyshire region, as we have a lot of STEM businesses who are always looking for the next generation of innovators!

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