Let’s build more than robots

We’re on a mission to make STEM less intimidating and more inclusive. Take on the UK’s most epic robotics programme for ages 12-18 with a fully funded robotics kit and online educational provision.*

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*funded kits for non-fee paying schools

Build young innovators

Equip young people with the skills and technical knowledge needed to thrive in future Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) careers and beyond.

More than STEM enrichment

FIRST Tech Challenge UK empowers young people to develop technical knowledge and soft skills whilst broadening their understanding of STEM education and careers. Taking on a global challenge supported by industry mentors, young people:

  • Develop new skills outside of their comfort zone
  • Collaborate across year groups
  • Understand education and career pathways
  • Engage with employers, further and higher education
  • Earn team awards and accredited individual awards
  • Become well-rounded citizens empowered to own their future

“Joining the FIRST Tech Challenge UK programme has opened up my career choices and developed my social and programming skills.”

Laurel, 15,
St Philomena’s Catholic High School for Girls

“These students come from areas where there are not a lot of opportunities, but this challenge gives them life experience. Here they get to do things they’d only do at university and this experience is inspiring many of them to pursue further university studies.”

Karl, Teacher, Chiswick School

More than learning

Our e-learning platform ‘Makerspace’ blends curriculum-mapped digital content with hands-on sessions. Access a year of educational content that caters to all stages of learning, including a virtual robotics simulator and an 8-lesson Computer Science course designed to develop programming skills.

  • Teams – access our virtual robotics simulator and online resources created by teachers, industry and young people
  • Teachers – receive confidence-boosting training and content mapped to Key Stages 3 & 4 and Gatsby Benchmarks
  • Mentors – access training and team content

Our robotics kit keeps on giving

Our comprehensive robotics kit is reusable year-on-year, providing an embedded provision without a recurring cost.

The starter kit squeezes in over 1300 components, motors, electronics and even tablets for programming. Our free add-on kit provides additional parts to tackle the annual game.

At the end of the season: Disassemble. Organise. Repeat. It’s that easy.

Check out the starter kit

Accredited awards at the highest level

All FIRST Tech Challenge UK participants can achieve an Industrial Cadets Gold Award and British Science Association CREST Gold. Our e-learning platform and Engineering Notebook make this process super easy.


More than flexible support

Last season, we doubled in size nationwide; this season, we’re evolving what we started with unrivalled provision and support. Our delivery model caters to uncertainty with new virtual content and remote learning opportunities, easing teams in from the classroom or at home.

More than funding

Funded robotics provision

We offer provision bursaries including a kit and online learning resources worth up to £2500 to make STEM less intimidating and accessible to all. Funded by industry, our bursary scheme is open to any non-fee paying, DfE registered school, SEND, Alternative Provider, or nationally recognised youth & community group. Apply for your bursary when registering.

Read our Bursary Award Conditions.

Accessible commitment fee

We’re a charity here to make STEM inclusive. To ensure kits are always in action and benefiting young people, we ask for a £49 nominal commitment fee to take part. This fee provides access to educational content, unrivalled support, free events, rich encounters with industry and student accreditation.

Conditions of entry

Participating teams must be located in the UK and Ofsted registered. Fee-paying schools are not eligible for kit bursaries.

Read our full conditions of entry

“The programme itself is adding so much. You can’t teach what they’ve been learning over the last year. You can try to teach them project management, system lifecycles and engineering from a textbook – it just doesn’t work. What they’re experiencing working as a team right now? It’s superb.”

David, Assistant Principal, Sawtry Village Academy

“I witnessed how a competition that has a primary focus of STEM, does so much more than that. It develops creativity, teamwork, confidence, resilience, inclusivity, humility and so much more.”

Ben, Director of Computer Science,
Outwood Academies Trust

Inclusive provision

Whether you’re working in mainstream, alternative, or special educational needs settings there’s a provision for you. Choose from lunchtime sessions, after-school clubs or in timetable delivery. Test the ropes in a single team and build links with our global community.

Industry encounters

Connect students with role models from industry, local business, the STEM Ambassador network, or passionate parents. Mentors guide teams as they build, challenge and discover. Industry talks connect real careers to classroom experiences.


Champion Schools are a focal point for teams to connect throughout the season, supported by industry partners, STEM hubs and universities. Access homegrown support wherever you are, join meetups and use a local game field.

Global community

FIRST Tech Challenge places collaboration above competition. Connecting over 600,000 young people globally each year, teams use social media to drive community outreach, share progress, tips, and offer support.

More than a competition

Last season teams developed a robot to build a cityscape that was out of this world! 2,000 young people rose to the challenge; flick through our best bits.

All images ©️ FIRST UK 2020.

2019-20 Season highlights

“I just wanted to say how much an amazing initiative this has been for our school, increasing female participation in computing and design technology at GCSE from 4% to 40% in just one year. We aim to treble the number of girls next year to around 30.”
Toby Osborne, Assistant Headteacher, Ferndown Upper School

“The project was an exceptional team-building experience which brought together the enthusiasm and knowledge of each team member. To actually win the competition was phenomenal!”

Sam, 16, CREATED Academy

Let’s build more than robots

Register now and take on the UK’s most epic STEM programme for young people. We’re ready to flex our support muscles so your team has a life-changing experience whatever the situation.

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  • We build More Than Robots

    We use robots, role models and competitions to make STEM less intimidating, more diverse and inclusive, empowering young people to make informed choices about their future.