Posted on the 28th March 2023
Written by Patrice

Remote Regional 2022-23 results

7 teams of fearless young innovators logged on and united for the smallest but mightiest remote regional tournament, fired and determined to virtually vanquish this season’s energy-driven FIRST Tech Challenge game, POWERPLAY.

Marking the first and only remote event this season, teams submerged our screens with bags of enthusiasm, ingenuity and an influx of great functioning bots.

We want to say a huge congratulations to all teams that took part despite not being able to attend in person. Your epic robots embody all the hard work you’ve put in and you should all be very proud!

Here’s how they scored on the day…

Team scores and rank

Rank Number Name RP TBP1 TBP2 HS Played
1 21648 UK 429 – Alconbury HS – Mr. Krabs 96.1667 20 33.5 0 6
2 15469 UK 170 – Alconbury HS – The Scally Lads & The Wrench 93.1667 23 35 0 6
3 10939 UK 024 – Lakenheath HS RoboLancers 57 13.1667 25.6667 0 6
4 21646 UK 133 – Lakenheath HS RoboLancers 48.3333 11.5 21 0 6
5 20990 UK 101 – Lycée International de Valbonne – The Frenchineers 43.1667 3 18.1667 0 6
6 20989 UK 100 – Lycée International de Valbonne – BaguetTechs 33.5 13.3333 8.5 0 6
7 20991 UK 148 – Lycée International de Valbonne – FRITES

Table key

RP – Rank Points TBP – Tie Breaker Points HS – High Score
TBP1: For a single Team competing remotely, the Team’s Autonomous Period score for a Qualification Match is used as their TBP1. Total TBP1 is the sum of the TBP1s of all non-Surrogate Qualification Matches that a Team plays in a Tournament.
TBP2: For a single Team competing remotely, the Team’s End Game specific task score for a Qualification Match is used as their TBP2. Total TBP2 is the sum of the TBP2s of all non-Surrogate Qualification Matches that a Team plays in a Tournament.

Team Awards

Think Award Winner, ‘removing engineering obstacles through creative thinking’
UK-024, 10939, The King Krabs, Lakenheath High School

“This award recognises a team with an amazing engineering section in their Engineering Portfolio. The team has carefully noted the journey they have taken throughout the engineering design process during the build season.”

“This was a tough category to award as all teams exhibited creative thinking in eliminating obstacles. However, the winning team was chosen because they successfully presented their great understanding of the design and build process of their robot. Their development journey was comprehensively explained in their Engineering Portfolio, which included designs, redesigns, successes, and opportunities for improvement. By demonstrating the various lessons they learned, they are a perfect example of how to overcome both group and personal adversity as a team.”


Inspire Award Winner, ‘the BIG one’
UK-170, 15469, The Scally Lads and the wrench, Alconbury Middle High School

“They have embodied the ‘challenge’ of the FIRST Tech Challenge programme, were a top contender for many other judged awards, and are all-rounded gracious competitors.”

“Deciding on the winner of this award was no easy feat as all teams demonstrated hard work, resilience, overflowing enthusiasm working with their teams and engagement with the community. The winning team was chosen not only because they were contenders for many other awards, but their professionalism, passion and innovative thinking were demonstrated within the engineering of their robot and also across all other aspects such as their team/project management and their many community outreach and fundraising initiatives. Their use of a detailed log book, filled with journal entries, pictures and immaculate record keeping of their project progress allowed their team to work smoothly and effectively, despite having various schedules and working individually on their robot at different dates and times. They truly embody all aspects of the FIRST Tech Challenge programme.”


And there we have it! A special thank you to our Game Changer volunteers from Heart of Midlothian FC Innovation Centre, who tuned in to make this event a huge success- you rock.

We can’t wait to see you back on the gamefield next year with more inventive robots and new teams bravely taking on the next challenge.


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