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Recruiting more than trustees

We're on the hunt for some simply brilliant people to share their talent, expertise and time to take the UK’s most exciting tech-education charity t...
Posted 14 July 2022

Southeast Regional 2 2021-22 results

Posted 14 July 2022

West Midlands Regional 2021-22 results

Posted 14 July 2022

Northern Ireland Regional 2021-22 results

Posted 29 June 2022

North West Regional 2021-22 results

Posted 27 May 2022

Southeast Regional 1 2021-22 results are in!

Posted 20 July 2021

Concluding a phenomenal season – national awards and beyond!

Posted 6 July 2021

UK Remote Event 2: Scores and awards!

Posted 11 June 2021

UK Remote Event 1: The results are in!

Posted 1 September 2020

Bring on 2020-21 – new provision, new tech, new opportunities!

Posted 1 September 2020

Next season’s tech just got better

Posted 11 May 2020

Cross-party support for #FurloughForGood

Posted 28 March 2020

Furlough for good – an open letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer

Posted 6 March 2020

Coronavirus – statement from CEO

Posted 6 March 2020

FAQ: Championship cancellation

Posted 8 February 2020

Elated teams progress at South East mega regional

Posted 6 February 2020

West Midlands double whammy soars 35 teams to the Olympic Park

Posted 6 February 2020

Northern Ireland feat advances top teams to London

Posted 3 February 2020

North West alliance wins by one point in nail-biting finish!

Posted 29 January 2020

South West competitors set sights on champs after regional triumph

Posted 4 October 2019

Makerspace launches in Alpha

Posted 25 September 2019

FIRST Tech Challenge UK 2019-20 kicks off at Bloomberg’s European HQ

Posted 14 August 2019

We’re hiring! Director of Development – critical mission, epic culture, so-so salary…

Posted 28 June 2019

Beat the FIRST robot maze blindfolded

Posted 17 May 2019

Pioneers represent UK at FIRST world robotics championships!

Posted 3 May 2019

2019 game theme announced – registration open!

Posted 1 May 2019

A royal FIRST! – CEO meets Her Majesty the Queen

Posted 18 March 2019

Elated Newcastle Academy team prevail at northern championships

Posted 14 March 2019

Judges ‘tickled pink’ by Inspire Award winners

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