Posted on the 27th March 2023
Written by Patrice

South East Regional 2022-23 results

24 teams of South East soldiers joined forces at the American School in London and stepped up to the game field, ready to apply their hard earned skills to conquer this season’s energy-driven FIRST Tech Challenge game, POWERPLAY.

Energy certainly never fell short on the day as teams powered the venue with roaring cheers of gracious professionalism. Our young innovators coursed through the rollercoaster of emotions as it reached the ultimate tie-breaker, with fearless alliances battling it out to be crowned the winning alliance.

We want to say a huge congratulations to all teams that took part. Your epic bots embody all the hard work, resilience and determination you’ve put in and you should all be very proud!

Here’s how they scored on the day…

Team scores and rank

Rank Number Name RP TBP1 TBP2 HS Played
1 19280 UK 235 – Blackout Robotics 2 8.4 21.8 0 5
2 20998 fernDOWNLOAD#239 2 1.4 9.6 0 5
3 22457 UK 456 – BSG – BSGRobotics 1.6 16.4 9.4 0 5
4 22640 UK 465 – Harrow School – Team Euclid 1.6 12.4 18.6 0 5
5 21206 TEAM 183 1.6 1.6 11.8 0 5
6 21207 TEAM 425 1.6 1.2 17.8 0 5
7 23053 UK272 1.2 12.4 7 0 5
8 19279 UK 184 – UniBorgs 1.2 4.2 7 0 5
9 19284 UK 248 – ASL Team 5 – MS ASP G8 1.2 3.2 8.8 0 5
10 22456 UK 447 – BSG – BSGRobotics 1.2 0.4 10 0 5
11 20992 Berkeley Robotics 1.2 0 15.8 0 5
12 20999 fernDOWNLOAD#240 0.8 6 9 0 5
13 22877 UK 149-The Petchey Academy-Petchey Robotics 0.8 5.8 6.2 0 5
14 20997 fernDOWNLOAD#166 0.8 4.4 17.6 0 5
15 21002 UK 249 – ASL Team 6 – HS Robotics Class 1 0.8 4 6.6 0 5
16 21009 UK 337 HCACP Harris Atoms 0.8 0.4 8.2 0 5
17 21200 UK179 – Alpha 0.8 0.4 5.6 0 5
18 21187 426 Equuleus 21187 0.8 0 6 0 5
19 21199 UK116 – St Philomena’s – Omega 0.4 4.4 9.6 0 5
20 21186 110 Delphinus 21186 0.4 2 8.2 0 5
21 21003 UK 250 – ASL Team 7 – HS Robotics Class 2 0.4 0.6 6 0 5
22 20994 fernDOWNLOAD#85 0.4 0.4 16.8 0 5
23 19282 UK 247 – ASL Team 4 – MS ASP G8 0.4 0.4 10.4 0 5
24 21122 UK097 0 0 3.4 0 5

Table key

RP – Rank Points TBP – Tie Breaker Points HS – High Score
TBP1: For a single Team competing remotely, the Team’s Autonomous Period score for a Qualification Match is used as their TBP1. Total TBP1 is the sum of the TBP1s of all non-Surrogate Qualification Matches that a Team plays in a Tournament.
TBP2: For a single Team competing remotely, the Team’s End Game specific task score for a Qualification Match is used as their TBP2. Total TBP2 is the sum of the TBP2s of all non-Surrogate Qualification Matches that a Team plays in a Tournament.


Team Awards

Judges Award Winner 1, ‘unique efforts, performance and dynamic’
UK-240, 20999, The Prototypes, Ferndown Upper School

“All teams should be proud of the efforts they put in their performance today. For Judges Choice, we were impressed by this team for their ambitious and exciting goals using vision engineering and neural networks.”


Judges Award Winner 2, ‘unique efforts, performance and dynamic’
UK-110, 21186, Delphinus, Nonsuch High School

“The judges were impressed with this team’s passion and drive for robotics. With those qualities, this team will no doubt continue to create a better world for everyone in STEM.”


Control Award sponsored by Arm, Inc Winner, ‘mastering robot intelligence’
UK-465, 22640, Team Euclid, Harrow School

“This award is given to the team that was very clever with their programming and has shown innovative thinking in the control system to solve game challenges.”

“This was a tough category with many great teams. The winning team impressed the judges with their in-depth understanding of the software development life-cycle in their interview and Engineering Portfolio. They’ve made their mathematician hero proud.”


Motivate Award Winner, ‘sparking others to embrace the culture of FIRST
UK-149, 22877, Petchey Robotics, The Petchey Academy

“This award celebrates a team that represents the essence of FIRST Tech Challenge through team building, team spirit, enthusiasm, and by encouraging those around them to get involved with the challenge.”

“One team stood out with their impressive teamwork skills and clear roles and responsibilities shared amongst team members based on their strengths. The team’s creativity when it came to branding and marketing stood out to the judges as well as their presence on social media to spread awareness and encourage others to get involved.”

Runner up – UK-456, 22457, Team Ultra Violet, Bournemouth School for Girls


Design Award Winner, ‘industrial design at its best’
UK-426, 21187, Equuleus, Nonsuch High School

“This award goes to a team with a robot that functions well, and looks great too. The innovative design does not compromise the practical operation of the robot, but complements its purpose.”

“We saw many awesome designs throughout the event and all the judges were super impressed by every team’s robot. However, one team galloped ahead of the competition. They showcased an excellent design thought process and built a sturdy maneuverable robot. Their intake lift mechanism presented great engineering knowledge and the team could justify their design decisions. The robot stood out in terms of its sleek and aesthetic design. It was hard to tell the team from the robot because they matched so well.”

Runner up – UK-235, 19280, Blackout Robotics, American School in London


Innovate Award sponsored by Raytheon Technologies Winner, ‘bringing great ideas from concept to reality’
UK-085, 20994, The Milk, Ferndown Upper School

“This award celebrates a team that thinks imaginatively and has the ingenuity, creativity, and inventiveness to make their designs come to life. This award celebrates a team that thinks outside the box and has the most innovative and creative robot design solution to any specific components in the FIRST Tech Challenge game.”

“The winning team demonstrated a clear understanding of designing principles. Their robot utilises unique and creative mechanisms that really impressed the judges. Their iterative design process in combination with overcoming challenges made them stand out from the rest of the herd.”


Connect Award Winner, ‘connecting the dots between community, FIRST, and the diversity of the engineering world’
UK-456, 22457, Team Ultra Violet, Bournemouth School for Girls

“This team has helped the community understand FIRST, the FIRST Tech Challenge, and the team itself, and has recognised that engaging their local STEM community plays an essential part in their success.”

“The award winners went out of their way to promote sustainable living and engaged with the community in a way that really stood out. Their attention to detail did not go unnoticed and their plans for making in-person and virtual connections was very motivating. They have put in great effort not only for their own team but also to help others in the competition. They are a great role model by organising events both at their school and other primary schools, promoting a better environment and inspiring other students. Their energy and enthusiasm was off the visible spectrum.”

Runner up – UK-085, 20994, The Milk, Ferndown Upper School


Runner-up Alliance
UK-183, 21206, Trumpington Community College
UK-425, 21207, Trumpington Community College
UK-384, 20992, Berkeley Robotics, SGS Berkeley Green UTC

Winning Alliance
UK-235, 19280, Blackout Robotics, American School in London
UK-465, 22640, Team Euclid, Harrow School
UK-248, 19284, R.O.S, American School in London


Inspire Award Winner, ‘the BIG one’
UK-235, 19280, Blackout Robotics, American School in London

“They have embodied the ‘challenge’ of the FIRST Tech Challenge programme, were a top contender for many other judged awards, and are all-rounded gracious competitors.”

“This was a hard-fought award with many teams showcasing incredible inspiration. The winning team was chosen because they demonstrated excellence on and off the field. When they presented, the judges were outwardly impressed with their impactful presence both locally and abroad. Their lights-out performance and character put them in the top spot for this award.”

Runner up – UK-426, 21187, Equuleus, Nonsuch High School

Photo highlights

To download an image for use in your school comms, hit the link to open the photo gallery in a new window, open the photo you want to use and click the download icon. Please credit all photos used to “FIRST UK and Decoy Media”. All images ©️ FIRST UK 2023.

FIRST Tech Challenge UK - South East Regional 2022-23

Alrighty! A huge thank you and virtual round of applause to all our wonderful partners, Game Changers, teachers, mentors and community supporters who have been a pillar of support for our teams this season- you’re all awesome!

We can’t wait to see you back on the gamefield next year with more inventive robots and new teams bravely taking on the next challenge.


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